Welcome to the SALON SYGERCAM 2017:

Dear Leaders/Entrepreneurs,

Can I, in a few lines, express the will, the commitment, the desire to do something good, the sense of duty and the responsibility, in short, my inner motivations at the middle of 2017 for the development of our country Cameroon? This sense of patriotism and belonging to all the proud Cameroonians who live at home or abroad remembers all the forces invested day and night to accompany the country to emergence in 2035.

Since its founding in 2015, the association Bantu Development Initiative (BDI) has been developing the SYGERCAM concept, the Germany-Cameroon Synergies in Erlangen. Our aim is to establish a secure and reliable cooperation between Cameroonian and German companies. We also want to motivate foreign entrepreneurs and the diaspora to invest in Cameroon. Finally, we want to be a significant platform for exchanging information and experiences between stakeholders.

In 2016, we rely on the steady support of the government to realize our activities in Cameroon. We have carried out trainings, visiting farms, business to business, business meetings, business-to-government and realized a charitable event for children's health and education care in Yaounde. The overall results of these activities were very successful. I use this opportunity to thank all those who have trusted us and believed in us. I also thank my partners in Cameroon and Germany who have made this adventure possible.

We will continue in the same direction. We want to participate in the growth and development of Cameroon in the age of digititalization and renewable energies. The strong and kind words of the government to support the team in this year motivated us again to come back with something better.

Dear Leaders/Entrepreneurs, Cameroon has many attractive economic benefits. However, economic performances must be increased and improved. To transform our country into a country of attractiveness and opportunities, in my opinion we can achieve it only by common action. Our entire team is already working very hard on this.

With Regards

The Board, Bantu Development Initiative e.V.